54.6V 2A Electric Bike Ebike 48V 13S Lithium Battery Charger 3 pin XLR UK Plug


Battery Charging Type: Lithium-ion or Li-Poly (not compatible with LiFePo4 batteries)

Output Voltage: 48 – 54.6V

Output Ampere: 2.0A

Battery Capacity Range: 6AH – 15AH (288WH – 720WH)

Input Voltage: 100-240V

Dimensions: 165mm (length) x 70mm (width) x 40mm (height)



Built-in cooling fan.


With thermal protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection.


With indicator light, red light when charging, green light when fully charged.


12 Months Warranty and Support.


UK mains input plug.


EU, TUV GS, CE, CB, ROH Approved Safety Equipment.


Charging Plug Type/Style: please select appropriate pin number, also importantly advise your bike or scooter make and model.


How to choose the right charger if you have your old charger information

1. Make sure that your battery is chargeable.

2. Find the Output Voltage (V) and Output Ampere (A) of your old charger on your charger label sticker or your manual. If you can’t find it, please contact us.

3. Refer to the table below and select the charger with the correct output voltage and ampere for you.

INPUT Voltage OUTPUT Voltage OUTPUT Ampere AH Capacity
100-240V 12v 4A
24-29V 2A Up to 15AH (Li-lon)
Up to 17Ah (Lead Acid)
5A 15-26AH
36-42V 2A Up to 11AH
3A 8-15AH
5A 14-29AH
48-54.6V 2.5A Up to 16AH
5A 17-30AH
Car cigarette socket 36-42V 1.5A Up to 15AH


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