Oxford Cycle Muffs


Oxford Cycle Muffs are a game changer for couriers and regular commuters alike.

Whether you’re pedalling the kids to school in the morning, heading off to work or dodging the traffic to make a delivery, Oxford’s Cycle Muffs offer exceptional protection against the elements as well as being supremely practical, easy to use and simple to fit.

They boast a tough neoprene construction with waterproof bonded seams and the pre-formed opening is protected by a rain shield & pull-cord gaiter.

Key Features
• Tough neoprene construction with waterproof bonded seams
• Bar end fitment (included)
• Thermal fur/fleece lining
• Pre-formed opening for ease of access
• Weatherproof cuff with rain shield & pull-cord gaiter
• Cable skirt with pull-cord gaiter
• Protects against rain, UV and wind chill



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