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Are you looking for modern design and ultimate performance? The Starsfly PowerStep Stepthrough bike is your choice. It’s crafted with precision from lightweight aluminium for durability and easy handling. Its road-legal version is perfect for the city, while the de-restricted bike will give you a lot of fun on private land. Enjoy your commute in a new, eco-friendly way.

Top speed: 21 mph (35 kph)

Maximum range: 37 mi (60 km)

Load capacity: 120kg

Fully charged: in 4 hours

Motor power: 750W

Road speed: 15.5 mph (25 kph)

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    Modern Design and Unbeatable Performance

    The Starsfly PowerStep Stepthrough Electric Bike combines contemporary design with outstanding performance. Crafted from lightweight aluminum for durability and ease of use, this bike is ideal for city riding in its road-legal version and offers thrilling adventures on private land with the de-restricted model.

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     Beneath its sleek exterior, the bike houses a robust 36V 500W brushless hub motor with a peak power of 750W. This ensures powerful acceleration and consistent performance on urban terrain, while the 36V 13Ah lithium-ion battery provides an impressive range of up to 37 miles on a single charge, with a quick 4–5 hour recharge time.

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    CustomizableRiding Experience

    With an intelligent 15A controller, 1:1 PAS, throttle function, and Shimano speed gears, riders have the freedom to tailor their experience. Conquer city hills effortlessly while enjoying smooth transitions and optimal power management.

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    Safety, Comfortand Control

    Mechanical disc brakes on both the front and rear, a hydraulic suspension fork for a comfortable ride, Kenda 20” x 4.0 fat tires for exceptional grip and stability, an LED/LCD display for rider information, and customizable aesthetics, load capacity, and speed options make it the complete package for riders of diverse preferences.


Under the bike’s sleek exterior lies a strong 36V 500W brushless hub motor. With a peak power of 750W, it ensures a forceful acceleration and consistent performance in urban terrain. The 36V 13Ah lithium-ion battery promises long-lasting power and an impressive range of up to 37 mi (60 km) on a single charge. The recharge time of just 4–5 hours makes sure you’re swiftly back on track.


The intelligent 15A controller ensures smooth transitions and optimal power management. To cater to rider preferences, the bike offers 1:1 PAS and throttle function, allowing a customisable riding experience. Speed enthusiasts will appreciate the Shimano speed gears, letting them shift effortlessly. On this bike, it’s easy to conquer all the city hills!


The Starsfly PowerStep Stepthrough Bike prioritizes safety with its mechanical disc brakes on both the front and rear, offering immediate stopping power and a cut-off function for added security. This comfortable fat tire electric bike further enhances your riding experience with a hydraulic suspension fork that smooths out rough roads, ensuring you won’t tire easily on pebbles or potholes.

The Kenda 20” x 4.0 fat tires provide excellent grip and stability on various terrains, including muddy trails and smooth pavements, thanks to their placement on double-walled alloy rims that bolster the bike’s durability.


The LED/LCD display offers clear visibility of vital stats, ensuring you stay informed. Whether you prefer the classic black or pristine white colour option, the bike’s aesthetic appeals to all.

With a load capacity of 265 lbs (120 kg) and a max speed of 15.5 mph (25 kph), it’s suitable for both daily commutes and adventurous rides. For enthusiasts seeking a thrill on private land, this e-bike can dash up to speeds of 21 mph (35 kph).


The bike’s low-slung aluminium frame ensures easy mounting and dismounting. Its construction is light and elegant. The fat Kenda tyres provide a striking contrast that promises to devour terrains, from city streets to off-road trails.

At the rear, a convenient cargo rack is ready to transport your essentials. The plush, ergonomic seat offers miles of comfort. Experience it for yourself!



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