Shimano B05S-RX Disc Brake Pads fits BR-M416/BR-M416A/BR-M445/BR-M446


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– Shimano B05S pads are the newest model with up to 50% better wear resistance

– Focus on controllable performance

– Designed for dry and wet weather condition

– Make less noise and better modulation than previous models

– Enhanced compatibility with newest Shimano brakes

For Use with Shimano Hydraulic and Mechanical Disc Brakes Models:

Altus: BR-M315 / BR-M355 / BR-M365 / BR-M375

Altus (Flat Mount): BR-UR300

Acera: BR-M395 / BR-M3050

Non-Series and Alivio: BR-M415 / BR-M416 / BR-M416A / BR-M445 / BR-M446

BR-M447 / BR-M465 / BR-M475 / BR-M485 / BR-M486 / BR-M495 / BR-M4050

Deore (MTB): BR-M485 / BR-M486 / BR-M494 / BR-M525 / BR-M575

Deore / Deore LX (Trekking): BR-T615 / BR-T675

Nexave: BR-C501

Tourney: BR-TX805

MT Series: BR-MT500 (Deore) / BR-MT410 (Deore) / BR-MT400 (Alivio) / BR-MT200 (Altus)


each, each “included fitting”


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